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Beginning August 5th, orders must be received by 10am on Mondays to be fulfilled that same week. For example, if you want to pick up an order on Thursday the 12th, then your order must be submitted no later than 10am on Monday the 9th.

Finally, the food you love in single serving sizes. Single Fixin’s are perfect for anyone that wants to be able to take a meal from the freezer, place it right in the oven, and then enjoy dinner without any work or clean-up. From young professionals to seniors, Single Fixin’s are sure to delight!

I’m so excited that through Single Fixin’s, we will be able to better serve our aging loved ones. I’ve seen too many folks taken out of their own home and placed in assisted living simply because they could no longer cook. I’m honored to be able to provide a solution that will be enjoyed by many, but especially the dear seniors in my community. ~Jaimi, Owner of Fixin’ To Eat

SINGLE SERVING MEALS freshly prepared for you to cook at home

QUALITY INGREDIENTS used without adding preservatives

FRESH TASTE since you’re cooking it at home

CUSTOMIZATIONS to accommodate your needs (low salt, etc)

NO WORK everything goes straight from the freezer into the oven

NO CLEANUP with oven-safe disposable packaging

NO WASTE meals keep in your freezer until you need them

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